Student Hosts

All student hosts must attend the Mandatory Training on May 22.

Details will be emailed once you register to be a student host.

Be a Student Host and help make this night incredible!

One of the many things our Honored Guests love most about the night is their Student Host. Student Hosts play such an important part of these children’s lives, it will truly be A Night to Remember for you as well.

There will be a mandatory training for all Student Hosts.


Being a student host at A Night to Remember is a life-changing experience. Most of the honored guests never get an opportunity to have a night like this–it’s all about them from the minute they arrive at the venue. It is truly a night to remember.

Lindsey A.
2017 Student Host

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear?
You need to arrive dressed in a nice dress with your hair & make-up done ready to serve as a Host.


  • Shirt
  • Slacks (no jeans)
  • Tie (optional)


  • A dress (it can be your Prom dress as long as it’s not inappropriate–meaning not too short & too tight)
If you are dressed inappropriately, you will be sent home and not be permitted to serve

Remember, this night is about our HONORED GUESTS. You do not want to be a distraction in ANY way from THEIR night. This is not your Prom.

What do I do when I arrive?
You will be partnered up as the “Host/buddy” for a specific Honored Guest. You will be by their side THE ENTIRE EVENING, from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m.

What does being their HOST look like?
You will be next to your Honored Guest when they get their make-up/hair done, you will go with them as they get their corsage/boutonniere, you will go with them as they get their picture taken (and you will be in a picture with them), you will go with them in the Party Bus, you will walk the Red Carpet with them, you will dance with them, eat with them (help get their food), introduce them to other Guests. Your sole responsibility is to serve the Honored Guest and make them feel loved, honored, accepted and celebrated. This is a very special night for them, and you are a BIG part of it. And we expect that once it’s over, you will also consider it a special night for you too.

What are the ages to be a host?
Student hosts must be between the ages of 15-25. Help us spread the word and be sure to sign up as a Host when Registration opens. Thanks for being willing to partner with us! It truly will be “A Night to Remember”!